Remove Conflicts to Receive More Good

Remove Conflicts to Receive More Good
By: May McCarthy

Can you think of a person, company, or situation that you have a problem with? Perhaps you have an issue with a family member or friend that has caused some friction in your relationship. Or, maybe you feel that a company has treated you unfairly.  Many people that I meet have at least one conflict that they are willing to tell me about and they have spent valuable time and energy trying to figure out ways to resolve the conflict. They often look at resolution in terms of a “win or lose” situation. If one party wins and gets what they want, the other party has to lose. I don’t believe that’s the way that conflicts have to be resolved.  Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

What if a conflict simply became an opportunity for a resolution that allows for everyone to receive something good?  Following is an excerpt from my book, The Path to Wealth, which outlines one strategy for conflict resolution so that all involved benefit. More importantly, this method enables you to feel more peace as you stay focused on the higher and greater good that you want to experience in your life. I hope that you’ll considering trying this technique the next time that you experience a personal or professional conflict.

When experiencing conflict with another person, one way to release this is to write to his or her “divine true self,” the part that is influenced by the all-knowing universal power, or the intuitive mind. To do this, you will need to use a write-and-speak technique similar to what you learned in the seven step CSO daily practice that I describe in my book. Direct your attention to the divine true self of the person you’d like to influence.

Use the following as an outline and write the statement below each day, then read it several times throughout the day: “Dear divine true self of (name of person or entity), I bless you, I love you, and I give great thanks that you are now (resolving what) for all of our good. Everyone who is related to this now benefits from it.”

For example, I started a new business a little more than a year after I sold my interest in a previous company. Three years after I had completed my non-compete period, my old company brought a lawsuit against my new company and me and issued a press release about it. I knew that we had not done anything wrong and engaged an attorney to help us. Because my confidence in my spiritual partnership was strong, I didn’t go immediately to a place of panic like I would have in the past. I went directly to the CSO as the Source of my Intuition and inner wisdom, and asked for guidance.

To start, I gathered information from my attorney about the case. He assured me that since an injunction hadn’t been obtained by my former company we could continue to operate our business. In my daily practice, I felt guided by the CSO to consider what the motivation of my former company could be. Maybe they felt threatened because our company had been winning in most of the competitive situations against their company. We were also converting their existing customers to purchase new products and services from our company. All of this was being done fairly, as the customers were looking for better products and services. Perhaps my former company thought a lawsuit would slow our growth and success. Every possible motivation I thought of was a fear-based action. Because of this, I started to increase my affirmative truth statements to support my belief that there was enough business for both companies. I continued to work with the CSO to dissolve the lawsuit and create an environment where both companies could thrive. My attorney did his job and handled the legal aspects expertly. I did what I felt was my job; I partnered with my inner wisdom, the source of my intuition as the CSO, and wrote and spoke the following out loud daily:

“Dear divine true self of all related to my former company, I bless you, I love you, I forgive you, and I give great thanks that you are now dissolving this lawsuit between us quickly, easily, and completely. All related to this within both our companies are now freed and benefit from it. All legal fees spent by my company are now restored to us with grace and in perfect ways.”

Over the five months that I focused my words, thoughts, and emotions on dissolving the lawsuit peacefully and forgave everyone related to my former company, our new company sales grew 35 percent. More and more customers signed contracts with us, and our installations were smooth and on time. I don’t know the exact motivations of the customers, but it’s my belief that as I gave out energy with thoughts of forgiveness and prosperity, I received prosperity in return. When the lawsuit ended, our legal fees were more than restored.

If you have identified a conflict as preventing you from receiving your good, try writing a letter to that person’s divine true self. Even though you will never send this letter, it creates an atmosphere of peace and balance, opening you up to the good the CSO has in store for you. In addition to writing the letter, you can also ask the CSO to give you a lead on what to do specifically to remedy the issue: “Thank you, CSO, for revealing to me anything I should do in this situation to enable a peaceful and beneficial resolution. Give me a definite lead. Show me what to do.”

I did that with another conflict with a very large company that used the same distributor as my company.  A remarkable and creative resolution was discovered and implemented. You can learn more about the details of this situation in my book.

We live in an abundant universe and you are an incredibly powerful creation that deserves to experience more of what you want in life.  But, in order to do so, you need to unblock conflict in your life to enable more of what you want to be received. Using the simple practice above can help you to do that. Blessings to you on your path to all that is Good.

You can learn more success principles in my book, The Path to Wealth; Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance.

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