René Wagner

René Wagner

October 25th – The Spiritual Practice and Art of Saying No.

Do you ever agree to help others and later feel some resentment about it? Tune in this week to Abundance Inc. where we uncover why it's important to evaluate requests for your time, talents and resources before agreeing to help others. Learn three valuable questions to answer before saying yes to a request. Discover why saying No can lead to a higher and greater Good for all!

October 18th – Radical Tips for a Healthy and Complete Life with guest Dr Louise Gittleman

Physical and spiritual well being are keys to living a successful life! On Abundance Inc this week our guest is New York Times best selling author and nutrition trendsetter Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. For over 30 years, Dr. Gittleman has been a pioneer and was recognized as one of the top ten nutritionists in the country by Self magazine. She rewrites the rules of nutrition yet again in her latest book, Radical Metabolism and she'll share some tips for those who have sluggish metabolisms and struggle with their health and weight. A healthy life is a vital part of a successful life.

October 11th – Can Forgiveness Make You Smarter and Successful?

Published studies show that there are numerous psychological, emotional and physical benefits of forgiveness. Tune in to Abundance Inc to discover how to use the spiritual practice of Forgiveness as a tool for success. You'll learn three tips to set you free so more of your desires will manifest in your life. Take back your power and live the free and abundant life that you love! Forgiveness is for you, not for someone else.

October 4th – Faith and Courage Lead to Success with Guest Lynnis Woods-Mullins

This week on Abundance Inc our guest is Lynnis Woods-Mullins who reveals why faith and courage lead to success in business and life. She shares how after spending 25 years in Corporate America as a Human Resource Professional, she changed directions with God's help and is now happier than ever as a successful Holistic Living & Wellness Expert, Chief Online Media Strategist, and Publisher/Editor.

September 27th – Spiritual Freedom and The Sorry Syndrome

This week on Abundance, Inc. with May McCarthy we welcome Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse to discuss how to obtain spiritual freedom and whether apologizing is necessary as a part of learning.Rev. Dr. Waterhouse holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology and is the author of two books - Five Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment and The Sorry Syndrome: How to Learn from Missteps Without Apologizing.  For the past 23 years, he has been the Co-Founding Minister of Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville North Carolina and the Founding Director of Spirit Rising, a Centers for Spiritual Living focus ministry, which is dedicated to supporting ministers and ministries throughout the world. Rev. Dr. Waterhouse was the first elected President of Centers for Spiritual Living and the organizations first Field Leader. Learn more at

September 20th – Turn Miracles into Typicals

Serial entrepreneur, investor and best-selling author, May McCarthy, will share simple tools to help you to experience more miracles, more often. As Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” You'll discover that you have the power to choose and can use Spiritual Tools to enable miracles to happen with greater frequency - miracles will become typical for you!

September 6th – Digging a Ditch for Success

Faith without action is dead, and a wish is just a wish without a plan of action. Let multimillionairs serial entrepreneur, author and investor, May McCarthy show you how to develop Action Faith as confidence through accumulating proof that Spiritual Principles can be relied on to manifest your desires. Action faith is a key to delivering greater happiness, wealth, health and success in your life!

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