Forgiveness Benefits You!

In one of my recent workshops, I had the pleasure to meet an attendee who shared a story about her past that brought me to tears.  By no fault of her own, she was a victim of a terrible act.  She told me this story because I had talked about how forgiveness benefits the forgiver and I went on to point out that as we remain diligent in our daily practice, we can transform the appearance of past events into something that we see as useful or helpful in creating the great life that we want in our future.  She didn’t see that as a possibility and asked me how to do that.


First, forgiveness does not condone anyone or any situation from your past that has been hurtful and unjust.  Forgiveness is for your benefit; to make room within you to receive more of the good things that you’d like for your life. As Desmond Tutu said “Forgiveness says you are given a chance to make a new beginning.”


To receive the new and wonderful life that you desire, you have to free up room within you to receive it first.  Think of a full bottle of water.  Can you fit any more water into it if it is filled up? No, you can’t.  You must release some of the water first to enable more water to be added.  The same is true for you.  If you are filled up with negative and painful emotions, two things happen. 1) You have no room within you to receive anything more that is in alignment with your new desired life. 2) Your emotions are too turbulent for the guiding messages from your source of intuition as your CSO to be noticed by you. 


Remember the last time that you were angry or worried?  Could anyone have a peaceful conversation with you at that time?  No, they couldn’t because you were preoccupied with the turbulent thoughts and emotions surrounding the situations that caused you to be angry or worried and weren’t in a position to hear another person speak. You can’t hear your spiritual partner through intuition either.  To hear your CSO’s guiding messages that lead you to your desired goals, you have to release those negative thoughts and emotions to make room to receive what you want.


Do the following to make more room within you to receive the good things that you desire in life:


  1. Say the giving-forth or forgiveness prayer each night before bed.


In step seven of my book, The Path to Wealth, I describe how saying a giving-forth or forgiveness prayer works to remove from you anything within you that is not serving you so that you have more room to receive the good things that you desire. You don’t have to believe the words – they still work to remove anything that is taking up space within you that does not benefit you. You’ll realize a number of benefits from doing this practice. A research team led by Michelle Zheng of Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management studied the effects of forgiveness. “The benefits of forgiveness may go beyond the constructive consequences that have been established in the psychological and health domains. Our research shows that forgivers perceive a less daunting world, and perform better on challenging physical tasks.” They add that “A state of unforgiveness is like carrying a heavy burden — a burden that victims bring with them when they navigate the physical world. Forgiveness can lighten this burden.” State the giving forth prayer each night, and it will work to lighten your burden and make room within you to receive more of what you desire in life.


If there is something more that you need to do regarding forgiveness, your CSO will guide you to take action. But for now, your only concern is to recite the prayer each night. This will lighten your burden and free up room within you so that you can receive more of what you desire in life. Say the forgiveness prayer each night and you will feel lighter, sleep better, and be more able to take on challenging tasks with ease.


  1. Recite the forgiveness mantra throughout the day.

Sometimes thoughts of others or situations that have harmed us in the past can pop up throughout the day.These thoughts can be so strong that we are then unable to focus on anything else; we’re consumed with turbulent emotions that surround the thoughts. When that happens, our CSO as the source of our intuition, can’t be heard or recognized by us. We won’t notice directions to take steps toward the good things that we want in life and our desires will be delayed until we can return to a peaceful and calm state.When that happens, recite the forgiveness mantra repeatedly until you return to a peaceful state where you can notice the directions from your CSO. Repeat the mantra out loud continually until you get to a calm state, “I bless you, I forgive you and I release you.”


You may need to say this mantra hundreds of times the first day to drown out the turbulent thoughts and emotions.I can assure you that during the following days you will need to say it less often and eventually you will return to a state of peace. As the 19th century Dutch author, Corrie Ten Boom, said “Forgiveness is an act of the will, and the will can function regardless of the temperature of the heart.” You have complete control of your will and have the power to choose to use a daily practice to achieve what you desire in spite of how your heart feels at the moment. Choose to do this practice to realize greater benefits for yourself.


Even if you don’t feel the words, continue to say them. They are having an effect and you will return you to a state of peace where the guidance and direction from your spiritual partner, your CSO, can be recognized and followed.


You deserve to live the good life that you desire. In order to do so, you must make room within you to receive it, and you have to be peaceful enough to recognize the intuitive directions that direct you to achieve it.  Use the forgiveness practice above each day to enable all that you desire, require, and more to be manifest in your life with greater ease, peace and joy. You can learn more success principles in my book and at

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